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Cooper Industry库柏工业


Cooper Industry库柏工业


库柏工业于1944上市,现为纽约证券交易所历史最悠久的上市公司之一,并被列入标准普尔( S&P )指数,公司2007年的营收达到58亿美金,而其中约34%的销售份额来自于美国以外的海外市场。库柏工业总部位于美国休斯敦,在五大洲拥有31000多名雇员,100多家生产基地。


In 1833, two brothers established a company and named it with their surname: Cooper. After 178 years’ development, Cooper Industries is now a Fortune 500 company enjoying strong fame both as a global manufacturer of electric and electronic products and tools and as a service provider.

Cooper Industries went public in 1944 and is one of the oldest New York Stock Exchange listed companies. It has been listed in Standard and Poor (S & P) Index as well. The company’s sales revenue in 2007 reached 5.8 billion USD, approximately 34% of which coming from markets outside the U.S.. Headquartered in Houston, the U.S., Cooper Industries has more than 31,000 employees and over 100 manufacturing sites across the five continents.

But at Cooper, success means more than product quality or market share. It means satisfying customers, maitaining a safe workplace, retaining well-trained employees, providing a good return on shareholders’ investments and giving back to the communities where our employees live and work. At Cooer, our tradition of manufacturing excellence continues as we seek new markets and customers around the world.

库柏工业全球总部地址:600 Travis St. Suite 5800Houston, TX 77002


EATON | Cooper Bussmann伊顿|库柏-博士曼


EATON | Cooper Bussmann库柏-博士曼

作为全球电路保护方案的世界领先者,EATON | Cooper Bussmann公司的电路保护方案广泛应用于世界各地,并符合UL、CE、CSA、IEC、BS、VDE、SEMKO和JIS认证机构的标准要求。

EATON | Cooper Bussmann公司在全球的雇员人数超过5000名,其中包括电气、机械、应用方面的工程师以及制造和技术支持人员,他们时刻准备为您提供服务。EATON | Cooper Bussmann公司的产品多达75000多种,是唯一一个提供电气、电子全套电路保护产品和方案的品牌,生产种类包括:电力、电气、电源熔断器(保险丝),电子小型熔断器(保险丝),熔断器盒(保险丝盒),熔断器底座(保险丝底座)及隔离开关,半导体快速熔断器,中高压熔断器,高速熔断器,通讯保护产品,国际标准工业熔断器,熔断器附件、显示器、工具包,熔断器技术,功率磁性元器件,超级电容,接线盒,车用熔断器(保险丝)和断路器。

EATON | Cooper Bussmann is the leading source of circuit protection solutions in the global marketplace. Its solutions are listed for use around the world including meeting agency requirements with UL、CE、CSA、IEC、BS、VDE、SEMKO, and JIS. Worldwide, EATON | Cooper Bussmann employs more than 5,000 electrical, mechanical, and applications engineers, along with manufacturing, and support personnel-all of whom are poised to service your local needs. Bussmann is headquartered in Shanghai, China, has marketing, sales, technical support, production departments and other operations. We offer fast and timely service to China along with the whole Asia customers.

With more than 75,000 products, EATON | Cooper Bussmann is the single source for a complete line of circuit protection. The EATON | Cooper Bussmann product breadth falls withing the following categories: -power fuses, Electrionic-PC board and small dimension fuses, Fuseblocks, holders, and disconnect switches, Semiconductor fuses, Medium-and high-voltage fuses and fuselinks, High speed fuses, Telecommunications protection, International standard industrial fuses, Fuse accessories, displays, kits, Fuse technology, Power magnetics, Supercapacitors, Terminal blocks, Automotive fuses and circuit breakers.

EATON | Cooper Bussmann全球总部地址:St. Louis, MO63178, U.S.A


EATON | Cooper Bussmann伊顿|库柏-博士曼-革新性电路保护


EATON | Cooper Bussmann伊顿|库柏-博士曼-革新性电路保护

如同人们会出现过度劳累一样,电气和电子系统也会出现电路过载的情况。EATON | Cooper Bussmann团队每日所做的工作就是为您提供革新性的过载保护案。作为熔断器和熔断保护方案的领先生产商之一,EATON | Cooper Bussmann为您的电路保护和控制问题提供清晰、前沿的解决方案。

EATON | Cooper Bussmann产品线不断增长,目前产品种类超过75,000多种(其中包括熔断器(保险丝)、熔断器底座(保险丝底座)、接线盒、电压浪涌保护器、电感器和小型变压器等,为电路保护树立了行业标准。EATON | Cooper Bussmann熔断器技术的研发与支持是由技术精湛且责任心极强的团队所完成的,他们共同努力,为客户提供超值的服务。

Electrical and electronic systems will overload the circuit conditions there,Like people, like over-exertion. The EATON | Cooper Bussmann team works everyday to provide you with innovative protection from it. As one of the leading producers of fuses and fusible protection solutions,EATON | Cooper Bussmann provides you with clear,leading-edge solutions to circuit protection and control problems. And its solutions are so comprehensive that you won’t have to worry about personal circuit overload either.

EATON | Cooper Bussmann provides the industry standard for circuit protection with its growing inventory of more than 75,000 fuse types,fuse holders,terminal blocks,voltage surge protectors,inductors,and miniature transformers to provide quality power. From the main electrical supply in multi-story buildings and industrial complexes to printed circuit boards in electronic products.EATON | Cooper Bussmann develops complete solutions for the global marketplace. Developing and supporting EATON | Cooper Bussmann fuse technology is a team of skilled and responsive people-all of whom work together to exceed the needs of their customers.