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Sure Power Multi Battery Isolators - Ensure Reliable Engine Starts

Battery isolators prevent auxiliary batteries from draining main battery power in vehicle electrical systems.

Product description:
Battery isolators, designed by Sure Power, help prevent multi-battery drain by isolating the main battery from an auxiliary battery. 
Using solid-state technology, the isolator acts as a check valve between the two to direct current. This isolation helps extend battery life by allowing each to charge and discharge according to need.

Features and benefits:
Suited for light truck, RV, select commercial and marine applications.
Easily connects alternator to one main and one auxiliary battery.
Includes wiring and hardware for basic installation; an optional installation kit is available for advanced installation.
 Solid-state technology isolates each battery circuit to extend battery life by allowing each to charge and discharge according to need.
 Designed by Sure Power, the leader in battery isolators, for superior performance that exceeds original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Why batteries need isolating
Multiple batteries are often connected in an electrical system - one to start the engine and another to power accessories. This can become a problem when a fully charged battery is connected to a partially discharged or dead battery. The current in the fully charged battery will flow to the less charged battery, until both reach a common charge level, or even worse, discharge completely. Regardless of how many batteries are available, this current flow from one battery to another will continue until all batteries in the electrical system reach the same charge level and may prevent the engine from starting.

Battery isolators ensure reliable engine starts
A battery isolator can eliminate the problem of battery drain altogether. A battery isolator acts as a check valve between the batteries to prevent current flowing from a battery with a full charge to one that is partially charged. Each battery is isolated and acts as an independent power source. This allows the main battery to conserve power even if the auxiliary battery is fully discharged. When charging, each battery determines the amount of charge it needs based on its own requirements. This control method is the best way of isolation.

Catalog no. Description Model no. Unit   UPC Unit dimensions            (HxWxLl) Unit weight (Ubs.) Carton qty. Carton barcode
RB-BI-70A 70 Amp Battery Isolator w/wiring kit 702 51712494526 4.25” x 3.44” x 4.75” 1.574 12 70051712494525
RB-BI-95A 95 Amp Battery Isolator wlwiring kit 9523A 51712404006 4.25" x 3.44" x 4.75" 1.574 12 70051712404005
RB-BI-120A 120Amp Ba ery Isolator wlwiring kit 12023A 51712404013 6.75" x 3.44" x 4.875" 2.538 8 70051712404012
RB-BI-130A 130Amp Ba ery Isolator wlwiring kit 13023A 51712404020 6.75" x 3.44" x 4.875" 2.538   70051712404029
RB-BI-240A 240 Amp Battery Isolator wlwiring kit 24023A 51712494533 2.75" x 5.25" x 13.3" 4.98 4 70051712494532
RB-BIK-1882 Battery Isolator Installation Kit 1182 51712404037 4.25" x 3.44" x 4.75" 1.2 12 70051712404036
RB-GM-KIT GM Delc CS Series 144-CD 51712404051 4.31" x 1.06" x 4.75" 0.174 18 70051712404050

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