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1000Vdc PV Series Photovoltaic Fuse Links for Solar Panel Applications

Superior Protection for Solar Power Applications

New Cooper Bussmann® PV Fuse Protects Photovoltaic Systems up to 1000Vdc

The demand for alternative energy has led to another innovation from Cooper Bussmann, the industry leader in circuit protection. Developing sophisticated solar panel systems have accelerated the demand for high performance fuses. The short-circuit conditions associated with solar panels do not allow for sufficient current to open a standard fuse in a way that effectively isolates faulted photovoltaic (PV) strings. The new Cooper Bussmann® PV Fuse line provides a full range of protection that traditional fuses cannot.

Low Level Fault Protection
• PV Fuses are full range fuses and can clear faults as low as 1.3 x I(fuse rating) @ 1000Vdc. They are designed specifically for thin film cell and 4˝, 5˝ and 6˝ crystalline silicon cell based panels.

Superior Cycling Withstand
• PV Fuses are tested to withstand cycling conditions associated with solar panel system operation and environmental influences.

1000Vdc Capacity
• PV Fuses are designed with a maximum 1000Vdc operating voltage based on typical solar panel systems with L/R of 1ms and below.

Globally Accepted 10x38mm Dimension
• All PV Fuse amp ratings are available with standard ferrule, bolt and versatile PCB mount options.

Catalogue Symbol:
PV-(amp rating)A10F
PV-(amp rating)A10-T
PV-(amp rating)A10-1P
PV-(amp rating)A10-2P

Class of Operation: gPV and UL PV fuse links

A range of fuse links in a 10x38mm package specifically designed for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings. The fuse links are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.

Fuse Size: 10x38mm

PV Fuses are specifically designed to work in solar panel systems using 4”, 5” and 6” cells.

Fuse Holders:

PCB Clip: 1A3400-09
BM6031SQ / BM6031PQ (1 pole) *
BM6032SQ / BM6032PQ (2 poles) *
BM6033SQ / BM6033PQ (3 poles) *

Modular fuse holder:
CHM1DU (1-pole non-indicating) *
CHM2DU (2-pole non-indicating) *
CHM3DU (3-pole non-indicating) *
CHM1DIU (1-pole neon indicating) *
CHM2DIU (2-pole neon indicating) *
CHM3DIU (3-pole neon indicating) *
CHPV1U (1-pole non-indicating)
CHPV1IU (1-pole neon indicating)

*Self-certified to 1000Vdc

Ferrule versions of the PV Fuse easily mount in conventional BM6031 fuse blocks.

Standards/Approvals: IEC 60269-6, UL 2579, CSA,
CCC (1-15A), RoHS compliant,
UL Listed (1-15A) E335324

Packaging: MOQ: 10
Packaging 100% recyclable

Technical Data:
Rated Voltage: 1000Vdc
Amps: 1-6A, 8-15A and 20A

Rated Breaking Capacity:
1-6A - 10kAdc(UL) 40kAdc(IEC)
8-15A - 10kAdc(UL) 33kAdc(IEC)
20A - 10kAdc(IEC)

Min Interrupting Rating: 1.3 x In
PV Fuse Coordination w/: Thin film cells and 4”, 5” and 6” crystalline silicon cells.
Time Constant: 1-3ms

Features and Benefits
• Capable of interrupting low over currents associated with faulted PV strings.
• High DC voltage rating.
• Variety of mounting options for flexibility.

Dimensions - mm
Cylindrical PV-**A10F

PCB Fixing PV-**A10-1P

Bolt Fixing PV-**A10-T

Technical Data
Part Number  Current Rating (Amps)  Energy Integrals I2t (A2s)  Watts Loss 
Pre-Arcing  Total at 1000V  0.8 In  In 
PV-1A10F  1A 0.15 0.4 0.8 1.5
PV-2A10F  2A 1.2 3.4 0.6 1
PV-3A10F  3A 4 11 0.8 1.3
PV-3-5A10F  3.5A 6.6 18 0.9 1.4
PV-4A10F  4A 9.5 26 1 1.5
PV-5A10F  5A 19 50 1 1.6
PV-6A10F  6A 30 90 1.1 1.8
PV-8A10F  8A 3 32 1.2 2.1
PV-10A10F  10A 7 70 1.2 2.3
PV-12A10F  12A 12 120 1.5 2.7
PV-15A10F  15A 22 220 1.7 2.9
PV-20A10F  20A 34 350 2.1 3.6
For bolt-on tabs, replace ‘F’ with ‘-T’
For PCB mounting, replace ‘F’ with ‘-1P’ or ‘-2P’

Time-Current Characteristics

Temperature Derating

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