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JKS Class J Limitron® Fast-acting Fuses

Description: Fast-acting, current-limiting fuse.

Volts: 600Vac (or less)
Amps: 1-600A
IR: 200kA RMS Sym.
Agency Information: CE, Std. 248-8, Class J, UL Listed, Guide JDDZ, File E4273, CSA Certified, Class 1422-02, File 53787.

General Information:
• Single-element, current-limiting fuses provide superior shortcircuit protection.
• Protects low interrupting capacity circuit breakers. Limits the short-circuit current to meet the interrupting capacity requirements of existing equipment.
• On older systems available short-circuit current may exceed the interrupting capacity of the circuit breakers, fuses can be installed in series with existing equipment.
• Well suited for lighting and heating circuits and other noninductive loads.
• Provides component short-circuit protection in compliance with NEC 110-10, where protection devices shall clear a fault without “extensive damage” to the circuit components.
• High interrupting rating helps meet the requirements of future system expansion and the increases in available utility shortcircuit current.
• Fuses can be selectively coordinated with ease.

Features and Benefits
• Current limitation for non-inductive circuits provides Class J current-limiting response to maximum ground fault and short-circuit conditions.
• 200kA interrupting rating provides high ratings at all circuit locations.
• Economical solutions for high-fault circuits.

Typical Applications
• Power Panelboards
• Machinery Disconnects

Dimensional Data

Catalog Numbers (Amps)
JKS-1 JKS-15 JKS-70 JKS-225
JKS-2 JKS-20 JKS-80 JKS-250
JKS-3 JKS-25 JKS-90 JKS-300
JKS-4 JKS-30 JKS-100 JKS-350
JKS-5 JKS-35 JKS-110 JKS-400
JKS-6 JKS-40 JKS-125 JKS-450
JKS-8 JKS-45 JKS-150 JKS-500
JKS-10 JKS-50 JKS-175 JKS-600
JKS-12 JKS-60 JKS-200  

For superior electrical protection, Cooper Bussmann recommends upgrading JKS fuse
applications to Low-Peak LPJ fuses

Time-Current Characteristic Curves-Average Melt

Current Limitation Curves

Carton Quantity and Weight–JKS LIMITRON (600Vac)*
Amps Carton Qty. Weight**
Lbs. Kg.
1–30 10 0.95 0.43
35–60 10 1.175 0.532
70–100 5 0.28 0.127
110–200 1 0.86 0.39
225–400 1 1.78 0.807
450–600 1 3.07 1.392
*15-30A rated 200VDC, 31-60A rated 175VDC and 10 KAIC.
**Weight per carton.
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