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EBI055 & ECL055 E-rated Fuses: CL-14 & Bolt-In

Description: E-rated medium voltage, current-limiting fuses for transformer and feeder protection.

• Silver element in a double concentric helical configuration
• Silica filler
• Silver plated copper terminals and endcaps
• Filament wound, glass epoxy fuse tube

Volts: 5.5kV
Amps: 10-900A
IR: 63kA Sym. Max

Agency Information: Meets E requirements per ANSI C37.46, Meets General Purpose requirements per ANSI C37.40.

Features and Benefits
• General Purpose Fuses. Bussmann’s medium voltage fuses provide general purpose protection and are capable of interrupting fault currents up to 63,000A RMS sym.
• Clip-lock and bolt-in style available in double and triple barrel fuse designs.
• Indoor and Outdoor Usage. The filament wound, glass epoxy fuse tube provides UV and moisture protection for the fuse. This makes Bussmann’s medium voltage fuses suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
• Open Fuse Indication. Indicator travel distance is 16mm.
• Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Performance Curves.Typical Applications
• 5.0kV Transformer Primary Protection
• 5.0kV Feeder Circuit Protection
• 5.0kV Voltage Switches
• 5.0kV Metal-enclosed Switchgear

Current-limiting medium voltage fuses are classified into three categories:
Full Range - defined by ANSI as “a fuse capable of interrupting all currents from the maximum rated interrupting current down to the minimum continuous current that causes melting of the fusible element(s), when the fuse is applied at the maximum ambient temperature specified by the manufacturer.” It is able to interrupt any normal 60 cycle current that will melt its element.
General Purpose - defined by ANSI C37.40 as “a fuse capable of interrupting all currents from the maximum rated interrupting current down to the current that causes melting of the fusible element in one hour.” Not all currents fall within this range. It is possible to receive an overcurrent lower than the value given by the one hour criterion.
Back-up - defined by ANSI C37.40 as “a fuse capable of interrupting all currents from the maximum rated interrupting current down to the rated minimum interrupting current.” The minimum rated interrupting current is the lowest current that the fuse will be able to clear properly. This creates a need to place a low current interrupting device in series with the back-up rated fuse.

Dimensional Data:

Catalog Numbers
Bussmann Number Ampere Rating Voltage IR Max Sym. # of Barrels Figure # Style
ECL055-10E 10E 5.5KV 63KA 1 1 Clip-Lock
ECL055-15E 15E
ECL055-20E 20E
ECL055-25E 25E
ECL055-30E 30E
ECL055-40E 40E
ECL055-50E 50E
ECL055-65E 65E
ECL055-80E 80E
ECL055-100E 100E
ECL055-125E 125E
ECL055-150E 150E
ECL055-200E 200E 2
ECL055-250E 250E
ECL055-300E 300E 2 3
ECL055-400E 400E
ECL055-450E 450E
ECL055-500E 500E
ECL055-600E 600E
EBI055-750E 750E 3 4 Bolt-in
EBI055-900E 900E

Catalog Number Construction (Example)
  Catalog Symbol Valtage Rating Ampere rating
Example ECL 055 500E

Time-Current & Peak Let-Through Data

Catalog Number Cross Reference
Bussmann Number Ferraz-Shawmut New Number Ferraz-Shawmut Old Number
ECL055-10E A055C1DORO-10E 225-007-937
ECL055-15E A055C1DORO-15E 225-007-938
ECL055-20E A055C1DORO-20E 225-007-939
ECL055-25E A055C1DORO-25E 225-007-940
ECL055-30E A055C1DORO-30E 225-007-941
ECL055-40E A055C1DORO-40E 225-007-942
ECL055-50E A055C1DORO-50E 225-007-943
ECL055-65E A055C1DORO-65E 225-007-944
ECL055-80E A055C1DORO-80E 225-007-945
ECL055-100E A055C1DORO-100E 225-007-946
ECL055-125E A055C1DORO-125E 225-007-947
ECL055-150E A055C1DORO-150E 225-007-948
ECL055-200E A055C1DORO-200E 225-007-949
ECL055-250E A055C1DORO-250E 225-007-950
ECL055-300E A055C1DORO-300E 225-007-951
ECL055-400E A055C1DORO-400E 225-007-952
ECL055-450E A055C2DORO-450E 225-007-953
ECL055-500E A055C2DORO-500E 225-007-954
ECL055-600E A055C2DORO-600E 225-007-955
EBI055-750E A055B3DORO-750E A055X750E-4
EBI055-900E A055B3DORO-900E A005X900E-4
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