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EEI-NEMA Type K&T and Type H&N

FL: Type H and EEI-NEMA Type K & T Fuses

Medium voltage fuses: Type H (high surge), EEI-NEMA Type K (fast-acting), EEI-NEMA Type T (slow-acting).

Amps: 1-200A

Features and Benefits
• Wide range of EEI-NEMA type fuse links for use in open fuse cutouts
• Voltage ratings up to 27kV.
• Can be coordinated with other overcurrent protective devices for sectionalizing to isolate feeder branches.

Typical Applications
• Medium Voltage Fused Cutouts

High-Surge Type H Fuses
High-surge, Type H fuses are manufactured in ratings of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8A. They have been developed principally for primary fusing of small-sized transformers. Type H links are manufactured in the universal buttonhead design.

Type N Fuses
Type N fuses conform to previous NEMA standards and have been superseded by Type K and T links. Type N fuses are manufactured in the universal button design in ratings of 5 through 200A for use in NEMA standard dimensioned cutouts rated through 27kV.

Catalog Numbers
EEI-NEMA and High-Surge Universal Tin Element Fuses for Cutouts — Rated to 27kV
Non-Removable Button-Head For Standard Open or Enclosed Cutouts
Type H(High Surge) EEI-NEMA Type K(Fast) EEI-NEMA Type T(Slow) Amps
FL11H1 FL11K1 FL11T1 1
FL11H2 FL11K2 FL11T2 2
FL11H3 FL11K3 FL11T3 3
FL11H5 FL11K5 FL11T5 5
FL11K6 FL11T6 6
FL11H8 FL11K8 FL11T8 8
FL11K10 FL11T10 10
FL11K12 FL11T12 12
FL11K15 FL11T15 15
FL11K20 FL11T20 20
FL11K25 FL11T25 25
FL11K30 FL11T30 30
FL11K40 FL11T40 40
FL11K50 FL11T50 50
FL11K65 FL11T65 65
FL11K80 FL11T80 80
FL11K100 FL11T100 100
FL11K140 FL11T140 140
FL11K200 FL11T200 200
Removable Button-Head For Cutouts Requiring Removable-Button Links

EEI-NEMA Type K(Fast) EEI-NEMA Type T(Slow) Amps
FL3K1 FL3T1 1
FL3K2 FL3T2 2
FL3K3 FL3T3 3
FL3K5 FL3T5 5
FL3K6 FL3T6 6
FL3K8 FL3T8 8
FL3K10 FL3T10 10
FL3K12 FL3T12 12
FL3K15 FL3T15 15
FL3K20 FL3T20 20
FL3K25 FL3T25 25
FL3K30 FL3T30 30
FL3K40 FL3T40 40
FL3K50 FL3T50 50
FL3K65 FL3T65 65
FL3K80 FL3T80 80
FL3K100 FL3T100 100
FL3K140 FL3T140 140
FL3K200 FL3T200 200
Adapter-type removable-button links with ferrule adapter to convert to double-leader links are available in K and T types. Order by description.

EEI-NEMA Type K Universal Silver-Element Fuses for Cutouts — Rated through 27kV
Non-Removable Button-Head For Standard Open or Enclosed Cutouts
EEI-NEMA Type K Amps
FL12K8 8
FL12K10 10
FL12K12 12
FL12K15 15
FL12K25 25
FL12K50 50
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