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Single Pole BSP Surge Protection Made Simple™ for UL Applications


The Cooper Bussmann single pole UL modular surge arresters for 120, 240 and 347Vac single-phase systems feature local, easyID™ visual indication and optional remote contact signaling. The unique module locking system fixes the protection module to the base part. Modules can be easily replaced without tools by simply depressing the release buttons. Integrated mechanical coding between the base and protection module ensures against installing an incorrect replacement module.
• Surge arrester according to UL 1449 3rd Edition, Type 2 Component Assembly helps meet UL 508A requirements
• Heavy-duty zinc oxide varistors for high discharge capacity
• "Thermo Dynamic Control" SPD monitoring device ensures high reliability against surge events
• Module locking system with module release button makes module replacement easy without tools
• Up to 200kA Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) makes higher assembly SCCR ratings possible
• Optional remote signaling of all protection modules makes status monitoring easy and accurate in any monitoring scheme
• No upstream overcurrent protection necessary to make installation easier and more economical
• Vibration and shock tested according to EN 60068-2 to withstand harsh environments
Optional Remote Signaling Contact
The remote signaling contact versions have a floating changeover contact for use as a break or make contact for easy adoption in any monitoring application.
Dimensions - mm

Shown with optional remote contact signaling

Circuit Diagram

BSPM1120S2G, BSPM1240S2G, BSPM1347S2G*
Shown with optional remote contact signaling
* For remote signaling contact, add “R” suffix to the part number. E.g., BSPM1347S2GR

Nominal System Voltage 120Vac 240, 277 or 240 & 277Vac 347Vac
Max. Continuous  Operating AC Voltage (MCOV) [VC] 275Vac 385Vac 600Vac
Catalog Numbers: Without Remote Signaling BSPM1120S2G BSPM1240S2G BSPM1347S2G
With Remote Signaling BSPM1120S2GR BSPM1240S2GR BSPM1347S2GR
Replacement Module                                          MOV Technology BPM275UL BPM385UL BPM600UL
Rated Voltage 120-127Vac 240-277Vac 347Vac
Voltage Protection Rating VPR 1kV 1.5kV 2kV
SCCR 200kA 200kA 125kA
Nominal Discharge Current  In (kA) 20kA
Max. Discharge Current  Imax (kA) 40kA
Response Time  tA <_25 ns
Frequency 50/60Hz
Number of Poles 1
Number of Wires/Connection Points 2 Wires / 2 Connection Points
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Operating State/Fault Indication Green (good) / Red (replace)
Cross-Sectional Area (min.) 14AWG - Cu Stranded, Solid or Fine
Cross-Sectional Area (max.) 2AWG - Cu Solid or Stranded / 4AWG - Cu Fine
Terminal Torque 45 lb-in
For Mounting On 35mm  DIN Rail per to EN 60715
Enclosure Material Thermoplastic,  UL 94V0
Degree of Protection IP20 (finger-safe)
Location Category Indoor
Capacity 1 Mods, DIN 43880
Application UL Type 2 Component Assembly
Standard UL 1449, 3rd  Edition
Agency Information cURus, RoHS Compliant
Product Warranty Five Years*
Remote Contact Signaling Type Changeover Contact
AC Switching  Capacity (Volts/Amps) 250V/0.5A
DC Switching  Capacity (Volts/Amps) 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A
Conductor Ratings and Cross-Sectional Area for Remote Contact Signal Terminals 60/75°C Max. 1.5mm2/14AWG Solid/Flexible
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* See Cooper Bussmann SPD Limited Warranty Statement (3A1502) for details at

Part Numbers for all systems BSPM1120S2G, BSPM1240S2G, BSPM1347S2G

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