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Cooper Bussmann Quik-Spec™ Solar Combiner Boxes

BCBS Series Standard Combiner Boxes and BCBD Series with Integrated Disconnect
• 4 to 24 Input circuits
• ETL Listed to UL1741 Standard
• DCM** or KLM*** 600Vdc midget fuses for overcurrent protection
• Finger-safe Cooper Bussmann modular fuse holders****
• Finger-safe power distribution blocks*****
• Continuous duty rated at 600Vdc
• Configured for both positive and negative grounded arrays
• Single or dual 90°C output terminals
• Steel or fiberglass NEMA 3, 3R, 4 or 4X rated enclosures with seamless door gaskets
• Negative Input Terminal Blocks
• All products are assembled in the USA
With Integrated Disconnect Only
• 28, 55, 75, 150 and 245A Integrated disconnects

BCBC Series Compact Combiner Boxes
• 2 to 6 Input circuits
• Continuous duty rated at 600Vdc
• DCM** or KLM*** 600Vdc midget fuses for overcurrent protection
• Finger-safe Cooper Bussmann modular fuse holders****
• ETL Listed to UL1741 Standard
• NEMA 4X Polycarbonate enclosure
• Ground blocks included
• External mounting feet included

BCBC Series Compact Combiner Box Specifications
Number of Input Circuits  2 to 4  5 to 6 
Input Conductor Range  6-14AWG  6-14AWG 
Number of Output Conductors  1 1
Output Conductor Range  6-14AWG  6-14AWG 
Max Fuse Size  30A  30A 
Max Rated Current (DC Continuous)  76A  76A 
NEMA Enclosure Ratings  4X  4X 
Enclosure Dimensions (in), Weight  6.5x6.5x4, 4 lbs  6.5x9.5x4, 4 lbs 

BCBS Series Standard Combiner Box
Number of Input Circuits  4 to 12  16 20 to 24 
Input Conductor Range  4-16AWG  4-16AWG  4-16AWG 
Number of Output Conductors  1 1 or 2  1 or 2 
Output Conductor Range  350kcmil-6AWG  350kcmil-6AWG  350kcmil-6AWG 
Max Fuse Rating  30A  30A  30A 
Max Rated Current(DC Continuous)  310A  400A  400A 
Max Voltage  600Vdc  600Vdc  600Vdc 
NEMA Enclosure Ratings  3,3R,4,4X  3,3R,4,4X  3,3R,4,4X 
Steel Enclosure Dimensions(in),Weight  16x12x6,30lbs  16x16x6,36lbs  20x20x6,46lbs 
Fiberglass Enclosure Dimensions(in),Weight  16x14x7,18lbs  22x18x9,22lbs  N/A/NA 

BCBD Series Combiner Box with Integrated Disconnect
Disconnect Rating (Amps) 28A 55A 75A 150A 245A
Number of Input Circuits 4 4 4 to 12 4 to 24 4 to 24
Input Conductor Range 4-14AWG 4-14AWG 4-14AWG 4-14AWG 4-14AWG
Number of Output Conductors 1 1 1 1 1
Output Conductor Range 2/0-14AWG 2/0-14AWG 350kcmil-6AWG 350kcmil-6AWG 350kcmil to 6AWG
Max Fuse Size 30A 30A 30A 30A 30A
Max Rated Current(DC Continuous) 28A 55A 75A 150A 245A
Max Voltage 600Vdc 600Vdc 600Vdc 600Vdc 600Vdc
NEMA Enclosure Ratings 4,4X 4,4X 3,3R,4,4X 3,3R,4,4X 3,3R,4,4X
Steel Enclosure Dimensions(in),Weight 12x10x6, 15lbs 12x10x6, 15lbs 20x20x6, 42lbs 20x20x6, 50lbs, or 20x24x6, 50lbs 24x24x6, 55lbs
Fiberglass Enclosure Dimensions(In),Weight 14x12x7, 12lbs 14x12x7, 12lbs 22x18x8, 28lbs 24x20x10, 35lbs, or 24x24x10, 35lbs 24x24x10, 40lbs

Cooper Bussmann Solar Combiner Box Catalog Numbering System

Catalog Numbers
BCBC-04-00P BCBD150-12-054 BCBD55-04-25F BCBS-08-06F BCBS-12-08R
BCBC-04-01P BCBD150-12-05F BCBD55-04-30F BCBS-08-06R BCBS-12-094
BCBC-04-02P BCBD150-12-05R BCBD75-08-00F BCBS-08-074 BCBS-12-09F
BCBC-04-03P BCBD150-12-064 BCBD75-08-00R BCBS-08-07F BCBS-12-09R
BCBC-04-04P BCBD150-12-06F BCBD75-08-08F BCBS-08-07R BCBS-12-104
BCBC-04-05P BCBD150-12-06R BCBD75-08-08R BCBS-08-084 BCBS-12-10F
BCBC-04-06P BCBD150-12-084 BCBD75-08-09F BCBS-08-08F BCBS-12-10R
BCBC-04-08P BCBD150-12-08F BCBD75-08-09R BCBS-08-08R BCBS-12-124
BCBC-04-09P BCBD150-12-08R BCBD75-08-10F BCBS-08-094 BCBS-12-12F
BCBC-04-10P BCBD150-12-094 BCBD75-08-10R BCBS-08-09F BCBS-12-12R
BCBC-04-12P BCBD150-12-09F BCBD75-08-12F BCBS-08-09R BCBS-12-154
BCBC-04-15P BCBD150-12-09R BCBD75-08-12R BCBS-08-104 BCBS-12-15F
BCBC-04-20P BCBD150-12-104 BCBD75-08-15F BCBS-08-10F BCBS-12-15R
BCBC-04-25P BCBD150-12-10F BCBD75-08-15R BCBS-08-10R BCBS-12-204
BCBC-04-30P BCBD150-12-10R BCBD75-08-20F BCBS-08-124 BCBS-12-20F
BCBC-06-00P BCBD150-12-124 BCBD75-08-20R BCBS-08-12F BCBS-12-20R
BCBC-06-08P BCBD150-12-12F BCBD75-08-25F BCBS-08-12R BCBS-12-254
BCBC-06-09P BCBD150-12-12R BCBD75-08-25R BCBS-08-154 BCBS-12-25F
BCBC-06-10P BCBD150-12-154 BCBD75-08-30F BCBS-08-15F BCBS-12-25R
BCBC-06-12P BCBD150-12-15F BCBD75-08-30R BCBS-08-15R BCBS-12-304
BCBC-06-15P BCBD150-12-15R BCBD75-12-00F BCBS-08-204 BCBS-12-30F
BCBC-06-20P BCBD150-12-204 BCBD75-12-08F BCBS-08-20F BCBS-12-30R
BCBC-06-25P BCBD150-12-20F BCBD75-12-09F BCBS-08-20R BCBS-16-00F
BCBC-06-30P BCBD150-12-20R BCBD75-12-09R BCBS-08-254 BCBS-16-00F
BCBD150-08-00F BCBD150-12-254 BCBD75-12-10F BCBS-08-25F BCBS-16-08F
BCBD150-08-08F BCBD150-12-25F BCBD75-12-10R BCBS-08-25R BCBS-16-09F
BCBD150-08-08R BCBD150-12-25R BCBD75-12-12F BCBS-08-304 BCBS-16-10F
BCBD150-08-09R BCBD150-12-304 BCBD75-12-12R BCBS-08-30F BCBS-16-12F
BCBD150-08-10F BCBD150-12-30F BCBD75-12-15F BCBS-08-30R BCBS-16-15F
BCBD150-08-10R BCBD150-12-30R BCBD75-12-15R BCBS-12-004 BCBS-16-25F
BCBD150-08-12F BCBD245-12-00F BCBD75-12-20F BCBS-12-00F BCBS-16-30F
BCBD150-08-12R BCBD245-12-08F BCBD75-12-20R BCBS-12-00R BCBS-20-00F
BCBD150-08-15F BCBD245-12-09F BCBD75-12-25F BCBS-12-014 BCBS-20-08F
BCBD150-08-15R BCBD245-12-10F BCBD75-12-25R BCBS-12-01F BCBS-20-09F
BCBD150-08-20F BCBD245-12-12F BCBD75-12-30F BCBS-12-01R BCBS-20-10F
BCBD150-08-20R BCBD245-12-15F BCBD75-12-30R BCBS-12-024 BCBS-20-12F
BCBD150-08-25F BCBD245-12-20F BCBS-08-004 BCBS-12-02F BCBS-20-15F
BCBD150-08-25R BCBD245-12-25F BCBS-08-00F BCBS-12-02R BCBS-20-20F
BCBD150-08-30F BCBD245-12-30F BCBS-08-00R BCBS-12-034 BCBS-20-25F
BCBD150-08-30R BCBD245-24-00F BCBS-08-014 BCBS-12-03F BCBS-20-30F
BCBD150-12-004 BCBD245-24-08F BCBS-08-01F BCBS-12-03R BCBS-24-00F
BCBD150-12-00F BCBD245-24-09F BCBS-08-01R BCBS-12-044 BCBS-24-08F
BCBD150-12-00R BCBD245-24-10F BCBS-08-024 BCBS-12-04F BCBS-24-09F
BCBD150-12-014 BCBD245-24-12F BCBS-08-02F BCBS-12-04R BCBS-24-10F
BCBD150-12-01F BCBD245-24-15F BCBS-08-02R BCBS-12-054 BCBS-24-12F
BCBD150-12-01R BCBD245-24-20F BCBS-08-034 BCBS-12-05F BCBS-24-15F
BCBD150-12-024 BCBD245-24-25F BCBS-08-03F BCBS-12-05R BCBS-24-20F
BCBD150-12-02F BCBD245-24-30F BCBS-08-03R BCBS-12-064 BCBS-24-25F
BCBD150-12-02R BCBD55-04-00F BCBS-08-044 BCBS-12-06F BCBS-24-30F
BCBD150-12-034 BCBD55-04-08F BCBS-08-04F BCBS-12-06R  
BCBD150-12-03F BCBD55-04-09F BCBS-08-04R BCBS-12-074  
BCBD150-12-03R BCBD55-04-10F BCBS-08-054 BCBS-12-07F  
BCBD150-12-044 BCBD55-04-12F BCBS-08-05F BCBS-12-07R  
BCBD150-12-04F BCBD55-04-15F BCBS-08-05R BCBS-12-084  
BCBD150-12-04R BCBD55-04-20F BCBS-08-064 BCBS-12-08F  

Typical Combiner Box Layouts

Standard BCBS Series
4 to 24 Circuits - BCBS-12-00F Pictured

Integral Disconnect on BCBD Series
4 to 24 Circuits - BCBD245-24-00R Pictured

Compact BCBC Series
2 to 6 Circuits - BCBC-4-00P Pictured
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传真: 总机 转 801