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PS & PMP Quik-Spec™ Power Module,All-in-one Elevator Disconnect

Cooper Bussmann® Quik-Spec Power Module

Description: Fusible power switch or panel with shunt trip and fire safety interface to allow for single point tie in with fire alarm system.

Volts: 600Vac, 3Ø
Amps: 30-400A (PS); 30-200A (PMP feeder switches); 400-800A (PMP main switches*)

SCCR:— 200,000A rms
*Contact Bolfmax for applications greater than 800A.

Agency Information: Complies with NFPA 70 (NEC®; National Electrical Code®),
• Elevator Shutdown – ANSI/ASME A17.1,
– NEC® 620.51(B) (Elevator Shutdown)
– NEC® 240.12 (Orderly Shutdown)
• Shunt Trip Voltage Monitoring – NFPA 72,
• Selective Coordination – NEC® 620.62
• Auxiliary Contact (Hydraulic Elevator) – NEC® 620.91(C)
— Power Module Switch (PS); UL Listed (UL 98) Enclosed and Dead front switch Guide 96NK3917, File E182262, NEMA 1, UL 50 Listed enclosure**, cUL per Canadian Standards C22.2, No. 0-M91-CAN/CSA C22.2, No. 4-M89 Enclosed switch.
**NEMA 12, 3R, and 4 enclosures also available
— Power Module Panel (PMP); UL 98 Enclosed and Deadfront Switches.

Features and Benefits:
• Internally powered, relay activated shunt trip system
• Mechanically interlocked auxiliary contact
• Self-contained adherence to elevator consensus standards, NFPA 70 (NEC®). NFPA 72, ANSI/ASME 17.1
• Shunt trip capability
• Selective coordination
• Fire safety signal interface
• Shunt trip voltage monitoring
• Component protection via Cooper Bussmann® Low-Peak® Class J fuses
• UL 98 Listed for 200kA short-circuit current rating
• Lockable in the open position with three-lock capability
• Optional key-test switch and optional pilot light for easy inspection
• No annual calibration or testing of overcurrent protection required
• Padlockable for service-work safety and open-door “override” for troubleshooting
*Fused main disconnect requires Class J fuses, not supplied with switch.

Typical Applications:
• Elevator Disconnects
• Computer Room Shunt Trip Disconnect
• Fire Safety Interface Relay

• For added safety, use the Cooper Bussmann® SAMI™ fuse covers to improve maintenance personnel protection (OSHA 1910.333, paragraph C)

The Cooper Bussmann Quik-Spec™ Power Module Switch and Panel are factory configured to the specific application.

The Quik-Spec™ Power Module Switch (PS) for single elevator applications.

Power Module™ Panel (PMP) for multiple elevator applications.

*Fused main disconnect requires Class J fuses, not supplied with switch.

Hydraulic Elevators
Hydraulic elevators need battery backup to help prevent stranding passengers. To keep the elevator from moving when it’s been manually shut down for maintenance, the NEC® requires battery backup be connected to the elevator disconnecting means through an auxillary contact.

However, an unintended consequence can be passengers getting stranded because of devices that open automatically (circuit breakers and disconnects utilizing a molded case switch with a trailing fuse block) will operate with a fault on their loadside. That operation also disables the battery backup and strands passengers. That’s why the Power Module has a non-automatic fusible shunt trip switch. If the Power Module has a fault on its loadside, the fuses open and the battery stays enabled. Thus the Power Module ensures that battery power is enabled when the passengers need it to exit - and disabled to allow safe maintenance of the elevator and hoistway.

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