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Quik-Spec™ Coordination Panelboard

The Quik-Spec Coordination Panelboard Makes Selective Coordination Easy…up to 400A Mains and 100A Branches!*

• The Quik-Spec Quik-Quote™ online configurator makes specifying, pricing and ordering simple, fast and virtually error free. Just log in, select the ratings, features and options you want, and instantly get back pricing for any Coordination Panelboard possible. Contact your Cooper Bussmann representative for access.

Saves Time
• Enclosure ships within one week of order so installation can start fast. Interior with fuses ships later for jobsite installation. Spare fuses included with chassis shipment so replacements are always on hand.
• Specify Quik-Ship when you order and your product will ship within 10 business days. Available on all NEMA 1 enclosure configurations - just make sure your Cooper Bussmann representative knows you want Quik-Ship.

Flexible Configurations – Up to 600Vac/400 Amp/200kA SCCR, or 125Vdc/400 Amp/100kA SCCR**
• 30, 60, 100, 200, 225 and 400A main ratings
• 125Vdc rating ideal for utility and petro-chem control circuits or UPS circuits
• 1 to 100 amp fuse ratings to closely match loads
• Available in fused or non-fused main disconnect switch, or MLO (Main Lug Only) configurations with a choice of 18, 30 and 42 branch positions, up to 100A, in NEMA 1 or 3R enclosures to easily meet branch or service panel installations needs
• Feed through lugs or fused loadside disconnect available

Same Size Footprint as Traditional, Circuit Breaker Panelboards
• 20” W x 5” D x various heights (depending on configuration)

Addresses NEC® Selective Coordination Requirements
• This cULus Listed panelboard makes it easy to provide systems that comply with NEC® Selective Coordination Requirements*** for Emergency, Legally Required Standby, Healthcare Essential Electrical and Critical Operation Power Systems (COPS) per 700.27, 701.18, 517.26 and 708.54.
• Full fuse-system selective coordination is easy from source to branch. Just follow published fuse selective coordination ratios – no need for plotting time-current curves or expensive studies.

Increases Safety
• Utilizes the finger-safe Low-Peak® CUBEFuse® in a sizerejecting Compact Circuit Protector (CCPB) base. Fuse interlock prevents removing fuse while energized. Fuse ampacity rejection feature coincides with standard fuse size and copper conductor ampacities to help prevent overfusing.
• UL 98 branch circuit disconnect-rated CUBEFuse® Compact Circuit Protector Base with fuse ampacity-rejection feature breaks at 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 70A, 90A and 100A
• Local open fuse indication on branch circuit device and optional indicating CUBEFuse
• Lockout/Tagout provision eases OSHA compliance
• Lock-On provision helps meet requirements for emergency circuits
• High fuse interrupting rating and up to 200kA assembly

SCCR ratings easily exceed most available fault current levels to help assure compliance with NEC® 110.9 and 110.10. Current-limitation of a fused solution also reduces arc-flash hazards and minimizes damage to equipment and circuits.

Coordination Panelboard Specifications

• MLO (Main Lug Only)
• Fused Disconnect Switch
• Non-fused Disconnect Switch

Assembly SCCR: 200kA, 100kA or 50kA AC, 100kA or 20kA@125Vdc*
Voltage Rating: Applicable on any 600Vac or less, or 125Vdc** or less systems
Bus Ampacity: 400A, 225A, 200A, 100A, 60A or 30A
Branch Circuits:Circuits; Up to 18, 30 and 42*
• Amps; Up to 100A
• Type; 1-, 2- and 3-Pole

Panel: • Feed; Top & Bottom***
• Mounting; Surface or Flush****
• Door/Trim; Regular or Door-in-Door****
• NEMA Ratings; 1 & 3R. Other ratings available. Consult factory.

Through-Lugs & • Feed-Through - single and double
Loadside Disconnect: • Fused loadside disconnect, > _100A-<_200A (400A panels only)
Neutrals: • 200A and 400A Unbonded and Bonded
Ground: • Non-Isolated or Isolated
Enclosure Size: • Standard size panelboard (20” W x 5˝ D x various heights)*
Spare Fuses: • Six-fuse spare fuse compartment
Options: • Surge Protection Device (TVSS) for high and low energy transients.

* Depending on configuration
** 125Vdc rating applicable to 40 amp or less CCPBs on MLO panels only.
*** Top feed not available on NEMA 3R enclosure
****Flush mount and Door-in-Door not available with NEMA 3R enclosure
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