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FP1008 Series High Frequency High Current Power Inductors


Product description:
Halogen free, lead free, RoHS compliant
125°C maximum total temperature operation
10.8 x 8.0 x 8.0mm maximum surface mount package
Ferrite core material
Controlled DCR for sensing circuits
Inductance range from 114nH to 180nH
Current range from 63 to 106 Amps

Multi-phase regulators
Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs)
Desktop and server VRMs and EVRDs
Notebook regulators
Data networking and storage systems
Graphics cards and battery power systems
Point-of-Load modules
DCR Sensing circuits
Environmental data:
•Storage temperature range (Component): -40°C to +125°C
•Operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
•(ambient + self-temperature rise)
•Solder reflow temperature: J-STD-020D compliant
Supplied in tape and reel packaging, 350 parts per 13” diameter reel

Product specifications
Number 9
OCL 1 (nH).10% Fll min. 2 (nH) Irms.3 (amps) Isat 1 4 (Amps) Isat 2 5 (Amps) Isat 3 6 (Amps) lsat 4 7 (Amps) DCR (mΩ)
K-factor 8
FP1008-120-R 114 82   106 100.7 97 88 0.17±5% 366
FP1008-150-R 144 104 63 82 78 75 68 366
FP1008-180-R 180 130   64 60.8 58.6 53 366
1. Open Circuit Inductance (OCL) Test Parameters: 100kHz, 0.1Vrms, 0.0Adc @ 25°C
2. Full Load Inductance (FLL) Test Parameters: 100kHz, 0.1Vrms, Isat1
3. Irms: DC current for an approximate temperature rise of 30°C without core loss. Derating is necessary for AC currents. PCB layout, trace thickness and width, air-flow, and proximity of other heat generating components will affect the temperature rise. It is recommended that the temperature of the part not exceed 125°C under worst case operating conditions verified in the end application.
4. Isat1: Peak current for approximately 20% rolloff @ 25°C
5. Isat2: Peak current for approximately 20% rolloff @ 85°C
6. Isat3: Peak current for approximately 20% rolloff @ 100°C
7. Isat4: Peak current for approximately 20% rolloff @ 125°C
8. K-factor: Used to determine Bp-p for core loss (see graph). Bp-p = K * L * ∆I * 10-3. Bp-p:(Gauss), K: (K-factor from table), L: (Inductance in nH), ∆I (Peak-to-peak ripple current in Amps).
9. Part Number Definition: FP1008-xxx-R
 - FP1008= Product code and size
 - xxx= Inductance value in nH
 - “-R” suffix = RoHS compliant

Dimensions - mm

DCR measured from point “A” to point “B” 
Part marking: FP1008-xxx xxx = Inductance value in nH 
wwllyy= date code, R= revision level 
Tolerances are +/- 0.205 millimeters unless stated otherwise. 
All soldering surfaces to be be coplanar within 0.1 millimeters. 

Packaging information - mm

Supplied in tape-and-reel packaging, 350 parts on a 13” diameter reel

Core loss

Inductance characteristics

Solder reflow profile

Reference JDEC J-STD-020D
Profile Feature Standard SnPb Solder Lead (Pb) Free Solder
Preheat and Soak • Temperature min. (Tsminl 100 °C 150 °C
• Temperature max. (Tsmax) 150 °C 200 °C
• Time (Tsmin  to Tsmax)  tts) 60-120 Seconds 60-120 Seconds
Average ramp up rate Tsmax to Tp 3  °C/ Second  Max. 3  °C/ Second  Max.
Liquidous temperatureσL)
Time at liquidous (tL)
183 °C
60-150 Seconds
217 °C
60-150 Seconds
Peak package body temperatureσp) Table 1 Table 2
Time (tp)    within 5 °C of  the specified classification temperatureσc) 20 Seconds 30 Seconds
Average ramp-down rateσP to Tsmax) 6  °C/ Second  Max. 6  °C/ Second  Max.
Time 25 °C to Peak Temperature 6 Minutes Max. 8 Minutes Max.

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